Our Story

We were inspired to breed hypoallergenic cats when a member of our family developed a severe cat allergy. Unwilling to accept that we couldn’t live with a cat, we set out to find a solution. Our search led us to the hypoallergenic Siberian cat breed, and we discovered our two wonderful cats, Junipurr and Kiska.

The Siberian cat is unique. Bred through the generations with the express purpose of producing the healthiest and lowest allergen cats possible, the Siberian breed consistently has lower levels of allergens than other cat breeds. As a result, most allergy sufferers are able to live with a Siberian without experiencing any allergy symptoms at all, and others experience only mild symptoms. Siberians also have sweet, friendly personalities, and their colorful coats range from Siamese-like color points to classic tabbies, tortoiseshells, bi-colors and more, in a variety of colors.

We were so thrilled to find cats we can love without experiencing symptoms. Now, we want to bring the joy of a cat to others who face the challenge of cat allergies.