Suggested Items for Your New Kitten

Here are some items I recommend for your new kitten.

Full disclosure: If you purchase these through this link on Amazon, I will receive a small commission. But you do not need to do this; this is just and easy way to share and highlight items.


Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Toys for Kittens

(no feathers or other pieces they can eat!

Springs — These are fun for all ages... they will end up everywhere!


Fish Flop — This are great for kittens, only beware... the manufacturer has updated this product to one with feathers that is sometimes sent when ordering these. But they are worth it if you can get it!

Cat Dancer — especially fun with two cats, who will play with opposite ends!


This recylable newsletter litter has no scent or additives, important for cats of all ages. Natural clumping litter can be used when kittens are older, but young kittens will often try to eat it. Natural clay litter is alright, but creates a lot of dust and can irritate lungs or activate allergies.

Purina Breeze — This litter box system has been recommended to me, but I have not tried it.


Easyology Tunnel — crinkly and cozy, lots of fun to play in or sleep in.

Cat Cave & Bed —All wool, warm and cozy cave that cats love to sleep in. Comes in different colors/styles. Warning: not so great for those who are inclined to wool eating!


The Furminator